SJ srl is a manufacture for fashion professionals, which is located in the heart of Prato fashion valley(VIA CHEMNITZ 154/9 CAP 59100), guarantees the quality of Made in Italy at the lowest prices in the quickest time.

SJ 's mission is to give life to a digital center where you can find the best b2b available 24/7 and the only thing you will have to move is the mouse!

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Because of our position in Prato we can work side by side with our suppliers checking the entire process, halve the time-to-market, reach win-to-win agreements.

Sign up and have a look at the full fashion catalog and prices, where you will find a wide range of womens’ and men’s clothing: coats and jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts, skirts, pants and so much more.


Log in and discover our digital showroom, it’s even better than a real one! From your own office or home, you can check our catalogs, order among a lot of references and pay online. Buy without travelling, but from where you stand… or sit!

You can contact our experts via live chat or via mail, to ask for information and suggestions. Our fashion stylists are here to help you with your order arrangement, taking care of your business needs, your target demands and market trends.


When an influencer posts a picture on Instagram everyone wants to wear it.

Why risk not having the right thing? You can have it in a few days thanks to SJ. Keep your shop’s stock in check for your customers’ wishes: don’t miss the chance of a sale and an happy customer. This section is perfect for fashion stores, you can find a large selection of products: from the modern classics to the latest trend must-have; Don’t get caught unprepared, be always in line with the market demands!


Dedicated to shops and brands. You can find an array of samples, items, styles perfect to satisfy you and all of your customers. The minimum quantity is low, the time-to-market is fast, and the production is cost-effective. Moreover, if you desire you can customize your sample… You have just to contact us via live chat or mail and with our experts you will make your made-to-measure order! Discover more on services page.


Have a brand or you are a wholesaler? Do you want to become digital and you do not know how to do it? Join us and check our advantages on services page or contact us… we are here for you!